So much happens over the weekend..

Near the Ultimo TAFE

Overnight, water from a Sydney Water burst main on Harris Street infiltrated an Energy Australia substation resulting in a precinct-wide blackout that impacted most City Campus buildings. Water has also flooded the UTS electricity switch room powering parts of the campus. The Library, Building 5 (all blocks including the Hub and all student spaces) and Building 6 (including DAB Cafe) will be closed on Monday and possibly into Tuesday. All classes in Building 5 (all blocks) and Building 6 scheduled for tomorrow (Monday) are cancelled.

You hardly need me to repost something already posted, but in a way I do wish that a class that I had would be cancelled - if I had classes on Monday in those buildings. Of course it would likely mess up the course outlines, but a tutor being sick last semester meant that all assignments were pushed back a week - that didn't do any harm for us in the slightest. But I digress.

People in other universities around the world have had classes cancelled because of the snow or ice on the road or whatever mixture of reasons that happen to be acceptable. UTS is the only university I've ever attended, but no classes I've ever had have been cancelled. If the lecturer somehow happened to be away that week because they were ill or otherwise, a backup would be found somewhere and the lecture issued. So in some ways I wish there had been a cancellation - just so I could complain about it.

I would note a distinct difference between Building 5 as in CM (Haymarket Campus) and Building 5 CC (Blackfriars), however. I don't think this cancellation applies to CC05, only to CM05. But this is an assumption based on their geographical location, not fact.