So I heard you like KRudd...

Gillard Rudd

I almost wrote 'Rillard' in the alt text for the image. What a slip I caught just in time. Well, everyone else was talking about it, so why not? I was vaguely interested when I arrived home yesterday afternoon at 4pm and heard about what was going to happen at 7pm, but when the hour rolled around, I still didn't feel inclined to give it much attention.

Rudd's win was honestly a surprise though, given he had said he would not be contesting the leadership again, and he had not been given a favourable result last time anyway. Well, just comes to show I should never make predictions again for anything.

Just as well though, who would go for Abbot anyway? Seems like we might get somewhere now.

Enjoy the crazy Australian politics, dear people from around the world.