SMASH! 2014 over


Clever little me forgot some component of my DSLR both days of the convention which meant while I exerted all the effort in bringing the camera to the convention I never had the chance to ever actually use it.

Yep, SMASH! 2014 is over at last, and I can say that I’m glad with some measure of relief. It’s been a long year, juggling work and uni and SMASH! at the same time, I don’t really know if I have the drive to do it again for another year. However on the other hand, it’s comfortable, and there are definitely a few perks.. but of course there are also downsides.

It was pleasant to get the chance to wander around a little bit this year though, and while at first we considered a two-day convention unwise, it seems to have brought out some positive results. People are more at ease in attending events, especially if they know they can go to them tomorrow, and people who couldn’t make the convention on Saturday can now make the convention on Sunday if they want to. Seems like the model they will be using going forward I think.

So for this year’s convention, I was free to dress up again, since I was basically sitting behind a desk all day hidden inside the green room anyway. Day 1, I cosplayed as Yuzuriha Inori from Guilty Crown and Day 2 was Shimizu Raimei from Nabari no Ou. The Raimei costume I’ve had for years but never worn, so it was about time I guess.

There certainly were plenty of things to buy - alpacas, art, keychains, necklaces, badges, other accessories, cosplay props, alpacas.. wait, did I say alpacas twice? I managed to spend way more than I perhaps had originally intended to at SMASH! and am still trying to decide if it was worth it. The only regret I have is I didn’t get another alpaca, but… would I have room for her/him/it anyway?