Smart rings for public transport

Transit Ring

University students at MIT and Singapore University of Technology and Design have come up with potentially customisable (based on price) rings that function like smart cards using RFID to be used on public transport.

It apparently solves the problem of 'leaving your wallet at home' or needing to rummage in your bag for your ticket, but I have to agree with the comments that I would more likely accidentally leave a ring behind than my wallet (which contains a great deal of other important stuff), particularly when the ring is quite bulky, especially at this moment.

I for one, envy Singapore University of Technology and Design's chance at trying out these new devices around their campus - consider trying to integrate that kind of technology into UTS' current infrastructure! It would certainly be a lot more convenient for students than the current PIN system though.

Not only have other countries been using smart cards for years, they are already beginning to innovate on these smart cards - you really do feel let down by the supposed development and changes that are happening here. Sydney Trains is only now just begin to continue rolling out their Opal Card tomorrow, but only as far as Bondi Junction and Chatswood at the moment, and without any concession fares, though it does seem to come with some interesting 'benefits'.

Still. Better get a move on, Australia.

Source: CBC.