Sleeping Beauty (2011) and the asleep

Lucy sitting with Birdmann

I don't recall this movie being released in Australia, but I was first intrigued by this movie because I wanted to figure out how it related to Sleeping Beauty, in the sense of the fairytale which we know about — a princess sleeping for a hundred years before she is awoken by her prince. I used to read a lot of variations on such fairytales in the past, yet the synopsis was entirely different from anything I could expect. Plus, Emily Browning is in it, of course, but she has been cast in some strange movies, of late.

I don't look for Art House cinema, nor did I realise it was a genre in and of itself, but I can definitely see the essence of it in this movie. The pacing is slow but necessary, and the way it is shot is simple but effective. There's a great deal of criticism for this movie, but among the kinds of Australian media I've seen, I would not have pegged this to be Australian if I hadn't witnessed CityRail (as it was) inside it first hand, from Lucy evading fares by the common practice of tagging after someone who does have a legitimate ticket to just the double-decker carriages.


Australian movies like I Love You Too (2010) make me lose faith in Australian film, but this kind of film actually gives me more hope. Seb also blogged about a great Aussie film, Red Dog.

This kind of movie makes you think, it doesn't spoon feed you the message of the story. Of course, I myself needed to do some searching to really understand the meaning and the ending of this story, but once you understand that aspect and don't just take the movie at face value, the true value of the movie is presented.

Some people value a movie or other medium based on how well they can empathise or how likeable the characters are, but I don't, so this movie works for me because the characters are detached and hard to relate to, but this is all part of the execution. At times I considered Browning to actually be showing too much emotion, as strange as that sounds. I feel that the main criticism for the story stems from people who simply took it at face value and failed to think about the message behind what they saw was simply 'obscenity' or 'a failed attempt at erotica'.

Lucy burning $100 from her earnings

I don't usually give ratings for films, and I won't now, but a very nicely shot movie, but not for the faint-hearted.