[Sket] Ritekyo Caborn

Ritekyo Hitman Caborn

The Gintama and SKET Dance crossover brings the ultimate scrambling of various Shounen Jump titles - one of which was Katekyo Hitman Reborn, which became Ritekyo Hitman Caborn. I feel like this may have potentially got lost in translation, so what does it mean?

「家庭教師」(Kateikyoushi or Katekyo) means Home Tutor.

「理手教」(Ritekyou) however, as it is written in the image, means something along the lines of ‘teaching with the hand(s) of justice/truth’! Though how ‘hitman’ follows that no one can be sure.

Surprisingly, kind of fitting for an anime like Reborn I guess!

They even changed the crosshair in the image to a SKET団 logo.