Singapore's got the world's smartest kids

"They had a drilling system when that was the only option -- they had to expand education quickly," said the OECD's education director, Andreas Schleicher. "But as they had achieved this, they were the first to think about, what is it that our children need to be successful ... (in) tomorrow's economy?

"One thing that's been clear to them is that the world economy no longer rewards people just for what they know. Google knows everything. The world economy rewards people for what they can do with what they know.

"The emphasis on the application, the creative use of knowledge is very, very strong in Singapore and other Asian countries."

From CNN - The creative use of knowledge is strong? Now I don’t know how it may be in Singapore having never been to school there, but I don’t particularly see a push in creative use of knowledge in Asian schools - then again as someone raised in Australia what real insight do I have?

Nonetheless, hearing the stories of students simply rote-learning in order to pass exams rather than actually applying their skills this would seem to prove otherwise. One example is students memorising essays for the HSC, and Chinese exchange students I’ve encountered in various universiy setttings.

Has the world really changed so much in 5 or 6 years or are people just still blowing smoke up their asses? Congrats to you, Singapore, for having the world’s smartest kids. But I have to admit that this long race of ‘which country is better at what’ does grow weary on me. Yeah, Australia isn’t exactly the second highest on the list but overall we seem to be doing okay. I hate myself for looking and yet - that’s the competitive environment we have.

We’re educated. We can support outselves through life. It’s okay.. we don’t have to all chase glory.