Simpsons Ghibli

My father excitedly rushed into my room last night brandishing his iPhone at me. “Since you like the Simpsons so much!” he exclaimed, showing me a ‘news’ gossip report on the latest Simpsons episode.

I’ve been watching a lot of Simpsons lately as I draw or do various things. Given English is one of the (sadly) only two languages I can understand without having to read subtitles most of the time, Simpsons is the greatest companion for someone like me who likes to have something to watch while I’m working. They’re short and don’t always require too much attention to understand.

Some people like their music — I like my videos.

Strangely having something to watch boosts my creativity, since it seems distraction makes me more creative somehow? Perhaps it’s because it makes me think less about how terrible I consider my own work and just gets me doing it, which has its uses. I always need to pause the videos when I come to do something like writing or filling out forms though.

All that said, Married to a Blob looks to be an interesting episode overall and there have been a million and one reports about it before me when it was first announced. When it’s all said and done, it’s a nice tribute to the great animator Hayao Miyazaki given that he will be retiring with his last movie, The Wind Rises.

Simpsons and Glee seems to share a characteristic that ‘if you’ve appeared on it, you’ve been fulfilled’. However while some people are more than happy to tell Glee to get lost in much stronger language, Simpsons prevails.

Simply saying ‘A tribute to anime’ seems a bit too general though. Like it is coming from someone who hasn’t experienced much of it. Perhaps this is the case.