Silly things to do at a NSW train station

Shoddy station work

  • Buy a ticket but then leave it in the machine while you hurry to get on the train
  • Take a great step for mankind to avoid the gap between the platform and the train door, but still miss and fall down the gap
  • Get up while talking to your friend and leave all your bags behind even though they were right next to you
  • When the train is on your right-hand side, miscalculate the number of steps to the door resulting in stepping onto the train with your left foot crossing over your body… and falling down the gap
  • Get sizzled by Australian sun while you wait to board the train at the end of the platform

This just randomly came to mind while purchasing a ticket from a SydneyTrains ticket machine this afternoon. In my rush to get aboard the train, it crossed my mind what were to happen if you had indeed bought a ticket, but then accidentally left it in the machine.

I wonder if they would believe you.