Shit happens

I'm just going to sleep

So. Today was the AGM. I won't lie, I was disappointed. But I'm happy to know that I have so many friends that have my back. It's to be expected that the newer members would not have faith when they haven't witnessed me actively in the club for much of the year, but I don't buy that being a Masters student somehow should be a point of consideration — what else have I been for the rest of this year? A Masters student, obviously.

All the same, it is a load off my mind, but I don't think I'll give up just yet. At this point I still feel unfulfilled, because had I been given the opportunity or power, there are so many changes I would have implemented — honestly speaking, I felt at times as though there was a lack of respect (perhaps silly?), but ultimately it was discouraging. Last year I was prepared to step down if this meant that a revolution would happen, but clearly it did not, which convinced me that was not the way to go. Unfortunately, the decision was made for me instead. In any case, maybe we'll see at the SGM what will happen next (whenever that is).

At this point, it's important to just put this behind me, because I know I have great friends that support me, plus I'm happy if I want to be. Things Ruben has been saying all along, I guess. :) I can't complain, really, it's a fairly minor thing relatively. So with this post I'm going to lay these feelings to rest, go try and make toffee again (doesn't seem to work with raw sugar), finish the last of my duties and we'll see how the next few months play out.

Ruben also wrote a post about the AGM and his reelection.