Shinkai Shoujo by Hatsune Miku

Of course if there's a Shinkai Shoujo Miku figure there must also be a Shinkai Shoujo song out there, but for some reason it had never occurred to me to look for it until I simply ran across it today like a speeding car over roadkill. Too graphic. Anyway, perhaps I thought it was of a similar phenomenon to Bottle Miku, or had even stemmed from it, but it appears that isn't so.

All the same, I listened to Shinkai Shoujo today and while it's a haunting song if you understand the lyrics, it's also a very emotive one — the side of the story the cheerful Shinkai Shoujo figure masks so well. The lyrics can perhaps dig a little deep, but this song really plays to Hatsune Miku's strengths despite following the same formula, and is rather catchy to boot — I think it's chased out all traces of the "Santa Baby" song from my head. I'm rather intrigued about learning it now and singing it at the next Karaoke... speaking of which, there is one coming up!

As voice synthesis software, Hatsune Miku is not always perfect in her pronounciation, particularly of English words (not a problem with this completely Japanese song), though of course her pitch is always as perfect as her puppet-masters have made it. However when Miku is able to sing a well constructed song like this, it is really very enjoyable and almost seems entirely natural to me, her voice less 'generated'.

I'll admit I'm divided between Miku and Luka's version though. As a later generation Vocaloid, her voice samples and thus the way she sings is a bit more polished. Additionally, Luka was created with the intent to allow her to sing English as well as at a lower pitch, so she is more versatile. She does need a blue sukumizu though. (Also try this duet, or this Nico Chorus.)

This has made me reconsider my earlier decisions now, somewhat. Although I was considering trying to get a buyer for my preordered Shinkai Shoujo figure because I likely would not be able to bear the cost, now I want to see how this will turn out. This figure is a lot more than it seems on the surface and it really does have a true beauty, even though I am sure I'll appreciate it less when I realise how much space she takes up or how much her shipping fees are.

Regardless, I received an email only yesterday telling me that the lovely Shinkai Shoujo figure from Good Smile Company has been delayed in its release. Actually, my idea of 'yesterday' seems to be a bit loose. Regardless, who knows? There's time yet to change my mind.

We would like to kindly inform you that your order includes items that have had a change in release date.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your kind understanding and patience.

Available in: late Feb-2014

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