[Sherlock] The Cabbie

BBC Sherlock

"Both of the pills that the cabbie offered were harmless. The poison was in the water he gave to his victims to take the pill with." LOLWUT - Posted by @wonk_01, taken from Tumblr.

BBC Sherlock, Season 1, Episode 1. A Study in Pink is very different from the source material, A Study in Scarlet, but still the captivating story, characters and cinematic effects pulled me into the story immediately.

I have to admit I personally never worked out how the cabbie did it - I'm no Sherlock, clearly. But Sherlock never found out if his decision was right either, unless he chemically analysed it (which I have no doubt he could, but his tossing of the pill to the ground in frustration would seem to suggest otherwise).

It didn't appear to me any water was used, but I suppose there's a possibility. Yet, such a solution to this riddle almost seems comical, like when you consider two people who may have committed a crime, but it turns out to be a sudden unknown third party like an afterthought. In the end, I suppose both Sherlock and we are still left to wonder.

A Study in Pink provided epic beginnings to a great series, but out of them all almost seems the most inconclusive of them.