They brought Sherlock back

Sherlock preparing to meet John

Sherlock's back, and we knew he would be for so very long. It's been a long wait for Sherlock fans, and in the meantime Benedict Cumberbatch has done films like Star Trek Into Darkness (and other films that must not be named) which newly-minted Cumberbatch fans (Cumberbitches, really?) have rushed out to watch.

This isn't just another review for 'The Empty Hearse' though, there are plenty of those out there already than for me to contribute further to this month of pure madness. All the same, it doesn't feel right not to celebrate the return of Sherlock without saying anything at all.

Sherlock - The Sign of Three

For whatever I was expecting — this wasn't it. I should have known by now not try and predict what happens from this series since it'll just throw you for a loop regardless. There was still a minute of 'Hah!' when I heard Derren Brown being mentioned though, since he is well renowned for his great hoaxes (this would be nowhere near his calibre though).

There are some very nice, touching scenes and some pretty funny ones — in our perspective anyway, John would definitely disagree with my assessment. There was also a great moment where Sherlock and Mycroft both show off their deductive powers — so I see this runs in the family! Though his par--wait, I've said too much.

Benedict Cumberbatch hasn't lost his charm, but it seems Sherlock himself has changed from the sociopath we knew (or so I've heard). He still likes to play tricks on people though, especially John, but down somewhere he still has a heart... and is even getting on with people to some extent!

Sherlock advertisement at Baker Street station

During the later parts of the episode, Ruben noted that the inside of the train carriage Sherlock and Watson were inside was wrong. The kind of carriage depicted wasn't the ones used for trains inside the London Underground, but for surface trains. We agreed this was probably because a larger train carriage provided more room for a filming crew and all their equipment.

Sherlock's production team couldn't get hold of a real carriage, so mocked up their own District Line replica - despite exterior shots clearly showing a Jubilee Line train.

There were also many, many comments about the 'wrong lines and tube stocks' and 'wrong times' (there are way too many), apparently all over Twitter had I cared to check. It was nice to get a glimpse at British railways all the same, however mangled, for someone who has never been to London. (Psst, I want to go to an abandoned Tube station.)

The next episode ('The Sign of Three') appears ready for the viewing with the series finale due anytime soon. From all that has appeared on Tumblr (avoid if you don't wish to be spoiled) it seems like an interesting episode to watch, so I shall be anticipating it eagerly. Yet at the same time, this is rushing by so quickly, I almost don't want to watch it so there will still be more to anticipate in the future.

Second Image from Mazza the Strange on Tumblr.
Third image from Obustus on Tumblr.