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Edited page from Japanese Sherlock Manga

That's how I feel sometimes too, John.

The idea of a Sherlock manga was interesting enough for me to want to go check it out, so I did. The manga only seems to cover the first story from the recent BBC adaption as far as I can tell (A Study in Pink/Pink Iro no Kenkyuu) but is also ridiculously faithful to it. It's still a great recap if you've seen it already.

The art is pretty and crisp, although emphasises John and Watson's Western features quite heavily. Sherlock in this manga 'feels' a bit less restrained and a little more willing to smile — such is the difference between drawing and acting. John however merely exudes a weary countenance to me.

It's nothing like watching the original (which again is nothing like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original), but still an interesting read and adds a few things here and there like the above. Unless that's something I missed in the original? 'My days were coloured after I met Sherlock', says John, and reminds me of Oreki Houtarou's 'grey' days as he gazed as the 'rose-coloured' lives of his fellow classmates.

By the way, I'd buy this if it got an official English release. Failing that, I might even go second best and scout for a Japanese edition the next time I'm at Kinokuniya. I wonder if they'll draw the other cases?

The images above were from the Sherlock-manga Tumblr and are not mine.