Shanghai Beach 上海灘

Even almost 35 years later, her voice is just as grand and powerful. How is this possible? She manages to sound like her recording in real life. This is the real deal guys.

Compare and contrast with this version. Notice how it’s been pitched differently…

Yep, that’s Andy Lau hahaha. I do believe he was in the ‘The Bund’ TVB drama, but don’t quote me on that, I’ve already forgotten. The other translation for this title has been “Shanghai Bund”, but I went with “Beach” instead since I don’t really understand ‘bund’. I thought it was ‘shore’ myself, but ‘beach’ works too I guess. And my Chinese isn’t the most perfect anyway.

Frances Yip in Concert was well worth going for the experience. :) Even with my fidgeting. I’ll tell you what though, I want to listen to her Discovery albums with foreign language songs now - like ‘Arirang’ (Korean) - which she laughingly said wasn’t going to be like Gangnam Style!