SEP #1 19/08/2011

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Online Meeting, Skype

Online meeting agreed on after online correspondence via email. Group setup: ~2:20PM Commence: 9:04PM

Group Members are referred to as follows: C, S, V and R.

In essence, the assignment part one is to analyse the documentation that we have, as well as the code. S suggested that perhaps splitting into subteams of two would be appropriate for this project, two people working on the code half and two working on the system requirements document.

Skill levels: C: Java S: Currently completing Systems Testing and Quality Management, and a C# subject V: Java and C++ R: Studying C#

The suggestion is reiterated by S, on the reflection that the Documentation side of the assignment appeared to be larger than the code.

1) I can do the Source Code Review myself, and you three can do the documentation side 2) Rio and I can do the Source Code Review, and after we finish that we can help with the Software Requirements Review

C was preferential towards option #2, and there were no objections from the group. R and S are on the Code Evaluation Team, and C and V are on the Document Evaluation Team.

Motion is passed: 9:30PM.


OK, so everyone, if possible I would like everyone to meet up with their team member before the Tutorial on Tuesday so that we can actually get started on the assignment

From Monday (22nd August), there will be two weeks to complete the assignment, plus a presentation needs to be completed in that time. We would like the get the documentation complete before the 30th, so that there is some additional time to work on the presentation.

Note: Deadline 30/08/2011

R and S will be meeting on Monday, at 1PM before the SEP lecture (Red Chairs, B10). C and V will be meeting on Tuesday at 1PM (Will call each other).

Cool, so I think we should by next meeting in the Tutorial, we shall get started with our respective documents. This stuff looks pretty similar to Business Requirements Modelling to me
10:05PM - Suggested by S that we continue our Friday Nigh Skype Meetings

Motion Passed: No objections.

Meeting Close: 10:20PM