Seijiro Niwa and Japanese Artists

Artwork by Seijiro Niwa

While looking up various Japanese words and names, I came across an artist in Nagoya, Japan called Seijiro Niwa. Born 1967, and currently an associate professor at Aichi Gakusen University.

I’d like to see more of his work, because his comments are curious, insightful and he seems like an interesting and thought-provoking person, but the above is just too creepy… Initially I thought they were BJDs, which might have been a litle less spooky, but this Western type doll is somehow more creepy to me - here comes the uncanny valley! Nonetheless the message is quite interesting, once you can get past the painful eye imagery.

ShopCurious covers a art exhibition which Niwa-sensei also participated in, and some of the other works in it are very interesting - if not equally creepy. Meep!

(I hope ICN never remove this page, but this artwork by fellow ICN artist Riusuke Fukahori is beautiful. He paints on layers upon layers of resin to achieve the 3D effect… and clearly has a thing for goldfish!)