Second Graduation

Clara at Graduation at UTS

Graduation came and gone! I don’t know if I’ll be doing this ceremony a third time, but I certainly don’t think this will be the last course of study I do, despite how little uni actually sticks when I do these courses. What have I learned??

Nonetheless, it was an interesting day. Partially I wanted to go through with the ceremony because I thought my parents would expect it. But my mum said she couldn’t take leave so soon after starting a new job and my dad mysteriously didn’t say anything or show up, and others were unable to come so I ended up going in alone.

I was feeling pretty isolated and deserted, whatwith everyone there with their families in one way or another, but luckily I ran into Sashin and Meg who struck up some conversation with me and pulled me into a couple of photos. There were other people to share the day with, even if I wasn’t sharing it with the people I’d expected it to!

Inside I ran into members of my course as well as I went to sit down in my allotted seat. I’d expected more unfamiliar faces, but all the faces were familiar and welcoming as they called out ‘Clara!’. Although during the courses I must say I might not have necessarily been all that happy with them, for that moment I felt like I was amongst a family of sorts. A MIMM family, though sometimes we were against each other. I think the fact that we managed to pass made us all like each other anyway.

I’m slightly sad that it took me 2.5 years to finish this course, instead of the prescribed/recommended 1.5, but all that matters is that it’s finished at all. I’ve finally been able to enjoy uni-free life since 2009 for about 4 months now - though that’s not to say there hasn’t been a load of stuff happening to suck up that freed time as well.

Look at that ugly mug up top. Oh well. Congratulations to everyone who graduated the past week - Richy, Sashin, Meg, Syksy - and those from my course - Ryan, Syed, Anna, Anissa, and Wei! Onwards to bigger and better things.

(Fun fact: in all the ‘graduation’ type posts, whether it be for me or for Seb it seems that Ruben has been sick. I see a pattern going on here.)