Science, from @Rubenerd

Hakase from Nichijo

Reading Ruben's post today about science, it seems his post is very different from the article which he quoted from. To start from where he left off, I'm pretty much the same - I love science but I'm pretty bad at it. I did way better in physics than I did in chemistry and I don't know why chemistry is such a weak point for me, especially when I never even used to understand fulcrums!

I can't recall taking science class at all from years 9 - 10 because that year was full of substitutes since our original teacher who made science really interesting... suddenly just dropped off the face of the Earth, and next thing we knew, he was the head science teacher at Cheltenham Girls' High. Talk about being abandoned. I don't know how I passed science those two years. Still some of it was good fun, like dropping small pieces of sodium in a tub of water~ I spent most of it asleep though - the only thing I remember otherwise is getting the top mark in the open-book exam about the Hubble Telescope.

But turning to the article he quoted from, there are so many things we can't see, touch, analyse or alter - droll indeed! I'm okay with many things in life, but once you get into this area of altering people's minds, there's something inherently wrong there, kind of the same as people trying to change their own sexuality I guess. But that, of course, is their choice - though clearly not here.

And I'm okay with people thinking there's something wrong with me, since there probably is! ;) Just don't go changing it.