Even larger phones: Samsung Galaxy Mega

Samsung Galaxy Mega

So it seems Samsung has released yet another larger phone, the largest of which is now 6.3 inches. That's almost as large as the iPad Mini which I bought earlier this month. Although as an owner of a large phone, my Samsung Galaxy Note I, I'm clearly someone who enjoys a larger display (though of a modest 5.1" in comparison), even I have to question whether such a large display is necessary.

I'm not here to talk about specs. If you want those, there are more than enough sites out there to discuss them in detail. However the new 5.8" and 6.3" inches are the largest phones yet, and while I don't see such a market for them in places such as Australia (although many people are getting stuck into Galaxy S3s and Note IIs), they were certainly prevalent in Hong Kong. Why the need for such a large phone?

I suppose it all goes back to a matter of culture. As phone networks get better and people turn to doing more on their phones rather than in front of their PCs, this added screen real estate really helps if you're going to be looking at that screen all day, and it's likely the same reason the iPad Minis have sold so well. They are not as heavy as a full-sized iPad, and allow you to work on the go, whether or not you have one that is cellular-enabled or not (portable hotspots and tethering are amazing). It's interesting that this may be the way we are moving, or at least much of the world - given the way Samsung is a Korean company, this is more than understandable given they are very cutting edge - yet here in Australia I don't see us going in this direction very soon, despite our market beginning to embrace these 'phablets' and smaller tablets.

Anyway, that's just some commentary and insight from a poor uneducated girl who may or may not know what she's talking about - no research went into this whatsoever.