V is for Venus

[pixiv] セーラー戦士 (Sailor Senshi) by 久保田

Perhaps it’s a tiny little bit ironic to do this after the previous post, but this amazing piece of artwork by 久保田 on pixiv as a whole is what spurred this post, possibly just months out from the Sailor Moon reboot which has seen multiple delays.

I’m largely not very sentimental about Sailor Moon, never having had much exposure to it when I was a younger. The only Sailor Moon I’d seen until well into my teens was Sailor Moon R: The Movie dubbed into Cantonese, which I thought was amazing but simply had not realised that there was more out there. The fact that I had no idea why Sailor Moon transformed into Princess Serenity didn’t matter at all.

Playing favourites

Despite that, I do have a favourite Sailor Senshi, even if I didn’t really get a good chance to get to know all the characters apart from reading Wikipedia in my spare time.

While Ruben’s favourite character in Sailor Moon is Sailor Mercury as he’s said on several occasions, I’d always had a liking for most of the characters in the series apart from Sailor Moon/Usagi herself who I’d always thought of as naive, silly and annoying, just from watching that one movie multiple times. Not to mention impulsive. Even ChibiUsa seemed more mature and level-headed than Usagi.

In the past, I thought I preferred Sailor Jupiter, because she was a bit of a tomboy, which was what I likened myself to be. Yet at the same time she wasn’t afraid to be a little girly, seeing as she still had heels on her boots. Electricity was a pretty cool power, I thought.

Codename: Sailor V by Naoko Takeuchi


Inadvertently, it seems that Sailor Venus became my favourite character, partially because the other characters all had their hair in different Schades (hah), but only Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus shared the same blonde colour. To be fair, sometimes Sailor Moon’s hair is a tad lighter than Sailor Venus’ or vice versa, but the difference is not immediately evident.

It felt to me that Sailor Venus seemed sidelined by Sailor Moon herself.

I was completely unaware of Codename: Sailor V until they began releasing it several years back. In my view, Sailor Venus has gone from being the hero of her own series to, in some ways, somewhat of a minor character in another series. Of course, that may not be entirely true, but she appears in the background of enough illustrations for me to justify this to some extent. For that reason, it’s nice to see some references back to Sailor V now in the newly released Sailor Moon figures and the (re?)release of the manga.

For some, they will always know this series as Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, but for me this series will always be mei5 siu3 neoi5 zin3 si6, Sailor Moon! Keep soldiering on, Sailor V!

(美少女戦士セーラームーン is translated to 美少女戰士Sailor Moon in Traditional Chinese, written subtly different to the original Japanese title.)

Top illust by 久保田 on pixiv. Not mine.
Codename: Sailor V image by Naoko Takeuchi