#SailorMoonCrystal Cast and Characters

Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal Comparisons by @remone_san on Twitter

On a similar note as this post over there, this was the unmentioned link to the gallery of designs for Sailor Moon Crystal, airing July 5 this year.

Earlier this week we heard about the new cast for the series, and only one voice actor it seems has remained the same, as Kotono Mitsuishi reprises her role as Sailor Moon. Interestingly Koshimizu Ami, who voices Matoi Ryuuko from KILL la KILL and Kouzuki Kallen from Code Geass, will be voicing Jupiter. We meet yet again, Koshimizu-san!

CAST FOR #SailorMoonCrystal:
Moon: Mitsuishi Kotono
Mars: Rina Satō
Jupiter: Ami Koshimizu
Venus: Shizuka Ito
Mercury: Hisako Kanemoto
~@fredjfrancis, on Twitter

Personally I’m more interested in the differences between the new animation style and the previous one. I’m sure no one cares at this point that I keep mentioning I have barely watched any Sailor Moon, but I am always interested in artistic differences. The above image, posted by @remone_san on Twitter is most informative, and strangely enough I do prefer the older animation style over the new one.

True, the ‘new’ style classically follows the manga, so makes it a trip back in history in terms of art style. Perhaps it would be simpler to say that it is just not quite my taste — fine in the manga, yet I’m unsure how it will translate into animation. Although the cell shading is a lot softer, it naturally falls short of Takeuchi Naoko’s colouring.

I will claim to be glad to see such a great level of and attention to detail, though I have concerns that they will be able to maintain this high standard over the length of the series. Considering this anniversary project was first launched in 2012 however, I do hope that they have had the adequate amount of time in order to create a product that will really honour the long tradition of this anime.

For anyone interested, by the way, this has been my favourite video of late: Momoiro Clover Z performing a live action version (parody) of the original Sailor Moon opening. It’s only when you see these kinds of adaptions that you realise just how ridiculous this would actually be in real life. Good thing it’s animated, but then there’s the Sailor Moon live action…

Fun fact: Momoiro Clover Z also released a Sailor Moon album in January this year — naturally because they are performing the themes for the upcoming anime.