Saber Alter, the New Kid on the block

Fate/Hallow Ataraxia, Saber Alter, by Alter

Among my collection of beautiful PVC ladies with their long flowing locks of various shades and descriptions, there are a few girls thrown in the mix that don’t quite seem to fit my established MO.

Unlike Yuki and Ranka however, Saber does have potential to have rather long hair, when she lets it down, though how often that happens is a mystery. What Saber lacks in hair length and voluptuousness though, she makes up plenty in the size and allure of her black bows.

Welcome to the new girl in town.

Yearning for a Beach Queen

I’ve been meaning to get a BEACH QUEENS Saber since Ruben received his Fate/Zero BEACH QUEEN last year, ironically while he had the flu. For the simple reason that sukumizus are better, I looked at the Fate/Hollow Ataraxia Saber Alter BEACH QUEEN for a long time wondering whether I really wanted it because the size of the figure as well as her specific pose had always bothered me a little.

(As an aside, you should never ignore little naggings like that. You may think that you’ll like it later when you receive, but whatever was bothering you before never quite completely goes away and ruins your satisfaction with the figure overall.)

I’m glad now that I decided to wait, and simply had to pounce on the Alter version of Fate/Hollow Ataraxia Saber Alter when it was first put up for pre-order on AmiAmi. Though it suffered numerous delays, it finally was released mid-January and ready for the delivering to our doorsteps.

Fate/Hallow Ataraxia, Saber Alter, by Alter

Un-Boxing Day

Opening parcels is sometimes like a remnant of post-Christmas. Like digging into that wrapping paper, only that this box has a lot more tape than the average present does. Then the process repeats all over again with the figure’s box.

Fate/Hallow Ataraxia, Saber Alter, by Alter

Usually I don’t spend a great deal of time admiring the box, however in this case the packaging was particularly eye-catching, especially when placed in the dying rays of sunlight. Though it also highlighted a lot of dust which immediately collected on the box. Thank you, static electricity.

The box is clear on all sides which I hadn’t seen with the boxes of my other figures before, there is only a narrow strip of paper on the inside at the left and right sides with close-ups of Saber’s face as she holds her ice cream. The back is graced with blown up writing, the larger flipped, meant to be read from the front, with the rest the proper way around to be read from the back. Personally the whole effect feels very clean and refreshing — just like her ice cream!

Fate/Hallow Ataraxia, Saber Alter, by Alter

Less is more, more or less

Whenever I see sites displaying 16 scale or 110 scale, I never truly understand how big the figure should be. In the case of BEACH QUEENS, at least I was able to judge her size based on the size of his figure. Luckily for me though, Saber turned out just right — not too small, not too big. 16 is where it’s at.

In terms of space, she takes up far less than a lot of my other figures. She doesn’t require her base to stand, or sit as it were, which is also helpful, but as her base is sized perfectly to how big the figure herself is this doesn’t constitute a problem like the ToHeart2 figures I purchased, which all have huge stands I don’t have room for.

Although the figure is simple in its design overall, the ruffles of her miniskirted mizugi/swimsuit are charming, the bows up her back, around her neck and in her hair are detailed and eye catching and her hair is also nicely detailed — more the colour of Irisviel’s hair than Saber’s normal shade. This is the first Saber that I have purchased where her hair is still up in a bun, and I must say the results far exceed my expectations in that regard.

Fate/Hallow Ataraxia, Saber Alter, by Alter

The only downsides I would say are her ears which are always a disappointment on most figures or hidden away, and the armband around her upper left arm seems it could be more detailed. Otherwise the soft creasing of her outfit around her midriff and chest, the hint of ‘points’ over her chest, the fall of her hair, detail on her hands and feet, and fine paint job on her eyes I could not be happier with. Her ice block also gradually gradients from white to blue at the tip.

What I’m happiest about with this figure is that like my figures from ToHeart2 they have some substance. Saber is not stick thin as she always seems to be but has a more humanly possible waist, a realistic modest chest, hips and fairly generous thighs, though not quite as generous as ToHeart2.

While her pose does seem to be a little strange when you try to emulate it, for some reason her pose is one of the things I’m also most satisfied about. Pondering on it, I’ve realised it does bear some resemblance to Ruben’s Yuki figure which I also like (perhaps a little too much), so perhaps this could be part of it.

Fate/Hallow Ataraxia, Saber Alter, by Alter

All in all, it’s been extremely difficult for me to find fault with my new Saber Alter figure, though I wouldn’t have said no to her wearing thigh-highs in addition to her mizugi — one can dream. Nonetheless it’s well on its way to becoming one of my favourite figures I have. There have been a few purchases I’ve since regretted in coming days, but I don’t think this Saber will ever be one of them.

Saber’s still available for purchase over at AmiAmi for 6200JPY at 20% off, which I assume is also 20% off what I paid for her, not including shipping. While I’m not sure I’ll be pre-ordering things again in the future, I’m glad in this case that the pre-order paid off. :)

As always, more photos are available on my Flickr.

Fate/Hallow Ataraxia, Saber Alter, by Alter