Running Man to Australia

Announcement image for Running Man to go to Australia

While everyone’s still excited and hyped up about it, it was announced today that Running Man is coming to Australia! Although we don’t know where in Australia yet, apparently they were invited to come to Australia previously by Australia’s Tourism board. Who could have thought they would have such foresight?

Running Man has placed several Asian cities into the limelight before, with Hong Kong fans even packing out an entire shopping centre in their enthusiasm and making the local news. Running Man clearly has a far-reaching impact.

While I very narrowly missed out on Running Man in Macau, it was still exciting to know they were in places that I had been to previously. I had initially wanted to go to places in Hong Kong because Running Man had been there in their Hong Kong special with their ‘Dim sum, dim sum, dim sum~!’ in place of ‘mandu’.

It’s still unknown at this point where Running Man will be going, though it seems the dury’s out on whether it will be Sydney or Melbourne, seeing as these are arguably the most well-known. Melbournites seem to be quite incensed that Sydney is constantly getting the attention, such as the K-POP Music Fest. in Sydney in late 2011, although Melbourne have had their own Korean musical guests such as CNBlue for starters.

For my own selfish reasons, I’m hoping it’s Sydney. Nonetheless regardless of which city they come to, it’s remarkable that Australia is being acknowledged and the team have chosen Australia to be their first show outside of ‘Asia’. While most of the time it feels like it sucks to be living here, now and then it seems there are perks. :)

It seems likely at the moment the filming dates are to be from February 22 - 26, but again we’re awaiting more details about this. I wonder how they’ll deal with the English challenges this time around and what guests will be taken along?

Image from Korean News site. All rights to respective owners