Running Man #3rdRUNNERversary

3rd Anniversary image by RMDoodle

Wow, has it been three years already? I only started chiming in during the second year of their airing and I'm extremely behind by anyone's measure, but this variety show is still one of my all-time favourites and really paved the way for Korean shows in my harddrives as well as introduced me to all kinds of Korean groups, singers and actors. If there were any celebrities I would ever want to meet, without a doubt it would probably still be the core crew of the Running Man contestants.

We've spent some great times together, Running Man, and you've cheered me up when times are hard - though your show is certainly way too addictive when I have exams coming up and assignments due. You should do something about that.

Keep on running, Running Man! Seumdwa~

In another note: I must say, I'm not a fan of Haha with blonde hair. Congrats on your new son, Haha! :)

Image from @RMdoodle.