Running Man in Sydney

Yesterday afternoon, Running Man left Australia yesterday to head back to Seoul after a few days of filming. Although we were all extremely excited just after the announcement, unfortunately the start of university meant that we (or maybe just me) were in fact ill-prepared for such a momentous occasion.

As Ruben and I were flagging yesterday afternoon after an early start at university, it wasn’t until evening that I remembered that Running Man were departing from Sydney that day, and was in no state of mind to check if the Running Man cast had invisibly transferred flights or fans had the chance to glimpse their favourite Running Man.

Although it was doubtful that we Sydney-siders would get much of an opportunity to spot the Running Man cast, it seems lots of people still turned out to the airport for the brief 40-second appearance of the cast and crew as they passed through the gates, flanked by security. There are a few photos and videos up, although in such a situation I can imagine the question is should I take photos, or should I take a video which has more guarantee of recording all the members clearly?

That is to say, I would have that dilemma myself.

They looked like they were trying to keep a low profile though, having experienced Aussie fans first-hand I can only assume, although I hear that some Melbourne fans were quite… enthusiastic. Too enthusiastic. People in Sydney expressed disappointment that the cast didn’t so much as wave at the fans. They probably were also tired after a long few days of shooting anyway. Hope they rest up well for their next upcoming shows and I hope to see the program aired soon!

You can see photos and video on the SBS PopAsia Blog.

I hope the select group of Melbourne fans’ behaviour will not deter Running Man from returning to Sydney/Australia in future years, but this could just be thing that stops them and gives us a bad name. Perhaps going to South Korea to see them is still the way to go.