Running Man Cuisine

Running Man eating Jajangmyun

Of all the influences Running Man has had on my life, including me seeking out places they went to while they were in Hong Kong to me attempting to learn Hangul on the train home one day, probably one of the other impacts its had on my life is that it always makes me hungry while watching it.

Here's three foods that I've come to love or really want to try as a result:

  1. Tteokbokki
    • Tteokbokki I love because it is so chewy and reminds me of Niangao. In fact they are practically the same, although Cantonese Niangao is sweet and usually dipped in egg and pan fried (so is Hong Kong Style French Toast if you think about it). Shanghai cuisine has sliced Niangao in savory dishes as a noodle, but only the Koreans can include it spicy and whole.
  2. Dotorimuk
    • From Episode 66 (Nationwide Tour Race) of Running Man, I've wanted to try this since I saw it in this episode. Attempts to order it have resulted in me ordering some naengmyeong I didn't particularly enjoy though. Nokdumuk is also gooood and I think is often served as one of the complimentary side dishes at Korean restaurants. So refreshing!
  3. Jajangmyeon
    • From Episode 92 (Jajangmyun Race). Although this dish was originally based on a Chinese dish, the Korean version is a little sweeter, which suits my sweet tooth just fine — even though that's a side of me that's more subdued these few years. Chinese black bean paste can be rather intense and unpleasant if there's too much of it (in my opinion).
  4. Thai Street Food, actually!

Ah, would you look at that. Anyway, the first episode I most clearly remember watching with the anime club is Couples Race (Episode 63). Just look where that went, and a whole generation of the Anime Club obsessed with Running Man — probably won't be so for the new generations though!