[DMT] Ruby and Javascript Hijinks

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This post was first posted here on my DMT UTS blog, on Mar 13, 2013 @ 1:28pm.

I was reminded about this video today and if you have any developer knowledge at all, it's pretty funny. It does cover Javascript after the first minute or so and points out how inconsistent some of it is. Even if you don't know Javascript, I think you can appreciate the humour of it if you somewhat understand the notion of object orientation. But hey, if you don't know Javascript, maybe you could use this video as inspiration to look into it so you can understand the video better. :)

I have to say that by default I block Javascript on my current browser of choice, Firefox. Apart from being sometimes jarring, it can be an easy exploit, so take care of your computer. That link is not particularly nice or informative, but can give you a picture. Nonetheless, I'd like to be able to understand it better and be able to write it in the event I require it, as I have had in the past, despite my misgivings. Nonetheless, the language itself does have issues to it, as does CSS, by the way!


FYI, I don't think this DMT UTS blog supports iframes or object embedding, does it? Since the Youtube video is not showing up above in the slightest. I seem to recall this happening before in a WordPress install I've used, but not the exact reason why this was the case. Anyway, please click the link if you missed it before!

Update: Edited to add the video as it's now posted on my own blog. :')

Image: Smashing Magazine, 2013, Viewed 14 March 2013. <http://coding.smashingmagazine.com/>