Ruben Sandwiches

Ruben Sandwich from Reuben and Moore

Is a Ruben Sandwich when Ruben is squeezed between two others, such as caught in a group hug between myself and Seb? No! (In this case anyway) it’s corned beef, sauerkraut, mustard and swiss cheese all pressed between two slices of rye bread! Just like Ruben is (wait what).

I had my first R(e)uben Sandwich ever at Reuben & Moore (bad pun, anyone?) in Macquarie Park today, and found it good. The gorgeous pulled pork and tangy sauces made for a most delightful meal, with a side of ‘graffiti chips’. They had a promotion while we were there, if you pay with Paypal you get $10 off your Ruben, so since we were clearly making a profit, we decided to tack on the graffiti fries! They’re kind of as funky as they sound, thin cut fries with cheese sauce and BBQ Tabasco sauce splashed over the top.

I would almost be tempted to try out the other choices on their menu next time, but we all know that’s not really going to happen. What a hoot! I’ve never tried a Ruben Sandwich from elsewhere, but if it really is the best in Sydney as Ruben seems to agree with, it seems anything else shall simply continue to pale in comparison forever then…