To a sweet guy

My lovely cute boyfriend

It's been a long day but it's been a special one too, despite the distance that is inevitable between us. Although some would not consider it a great milestone, Ruben and I just passed being together as a couple for 6 months now and I've never been happier… well, except when I'm actually with him, as opposed to there being a 10 hour flight back to the country he is located in!

I could not ask for a more thoughtful, sweet, funny, loveable or smart guy to be with even though he would probably disagree with me vehemently. Although so many things could have been otherwise, somehow and someway it ended up like this and I feel so lucky to be here. We've shared so many things in this time, inspired each other and taught each other things. There are so many wonderful memories now, and you're in my thoughts constantly.

Though it's still short time we've been together when contrasted with how much of the rest of our lives are still in front of us, I very much hope that you can be the person I can share this with, Ruben.

I love you. ^__^ ♥