Rolling Boy

Rolling Girl probably is one of my favourite Vocaloid songs, in part because of the adorable animation which usually comes with it. You feel sorry for the character(s) that are rolling endlessly down a bottomless hill, yet at the same time their mid-air antics are adorably hilarious.

Although there are likely a thousand and one variations out there, this Pokemon one is my recent favourites in light of the TwitchPlaysPokemon fame these past few weeks. My particular favourite parts are a few of the comparisons drawn between the original (with Red, etc) and Ash Ketchum of animated Pokemon fame, plus the appearance of various characters recognisable from some of the Pokemon games and anime.

We watched some of Pokemon Origins anime at Anime@UTS’ Orientation Day Screening, and it’s always interesting to see the differences in how the anime turned out and how the original story was written. I suppose you could say the same for Sailor Moon, which did not always follow its original manga either, thus prompting the new Sailor Moon Crystal anime to air this year.

It seems these kinds of revivals are in the air lately.