Right Here Waiting - Cantonese version

I was camping in the kitchen and this song started playing behind me because my dad was watching various concerts by various Cantonese artists. All of a sudden it was like Hey, I recognise this song!. It’s a Cantonese version of Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx, with the Chinese name “紅葉斜落我心寂寞時” that translates to “The falling maple leaves reflect the loneliness of my heart” apparently.

Are you 80s fans satisfied?

I’m still not sure of the legalities of covers and stuff like this, but I’m happy that he let people cover it, I assume without taking them to court or something. There have been lots more other covers after all.

It sounds real nice, but I can’t sing along to this version since I don’t know the lyrics! Oh well.

There’s a John Barrowman cover?