Response: TextExpander Issues

TextExpander reporting that secure input is preventing expansion, screenshot by Rubénerd Screenshot from Rubénerd.

TextExpander is a program that I’ve been introduced to fairly recently, but it’s been invaluable enough that I even bought a license for it, even as I usually baulk at spending money. I don’t use it as often as I used to except in blogging now, but it certainly has sped up my process and freed me from frustrations.

Unfortunately using a Windows machine by day means that I don’t get the lovely advantages of TextExpander and other productivity apps during the daytime. I feel naked without them, but one must bear it.

The swaying palm trees

Like Ruben however, I used to get the error about TextExpander being disabled by Secure Input, which was intensely aggravating. Restarting TextExpander did not solve the issue, however restarting the program that caused the issue often did for me. Despite the fact I was often reluctant to.

I haven’t come across this error in many months, in fact I would say not since I switched over to using Safari as my main web browser after I reinstalled the OS on my MacBook Pro over to Mavericks. The main source of my troubles with TextExpander that were similar to the problems Ruben is now facing were as a result of actual login forms I was using, usually in Firefox and occasionally in Chrome. Firefox was usually at the root of the problems for me though and triggered this ‘error’ the most often.

Why this problem has completely vanished for me, I do not really know. But perhaps it has something to do with Firefox’s build, which is also used as the base for SeaMonkey that Ruben uses. This is just a hypothesis, but only based on my own experience with it. Happily, I don’t have to deal with it at the moment.

Mac and Cheese

While typing out everything manually may seem archaic to some, for others it’s just another aspect of everyday life. It doesn’t have to be this way! Being on a Mac is already a breath of fresh air.

I appreciate this fact day-to-day having to click the Start Menu to launch my programs instead of hitting the familiar shortcuts on my keyboard to launch Alfred and immediately be in the program that I want. Thank god I’m not on Windows 8 at least.