[Response] @Rubenerd bread

Miku with concealed Shimapan

A reply to Ruben's classy bread post with a terrible bread joke... right from the pan. If you can make bread in a pan. I like melon in my pan.

Anyway, I've neither made bread or had special bread in another country, but nonetheless, Ruben has taught me to appreciate it. While I wish I could make bread one day, the promised, rumored and greatly anticipated 'Baking Day' I've heard about and discussed with people has just never. Happaned. Oh why. I made a typo there, but I think I'll leave it.

I guess I can understand now why I used to dump my white sandwich bread in the bin ever lunch time, because it was like eating a mouthful of tissues. Much more tolerable when toasted, however. But seriously, we went to Hong Kong and I ate the same bread I always do that you can just buy in any Asian bakery in Sydney. Such is my life.

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