[Resources] Textures from Lost and Taken

Grunge texture from Lost and Taken

I used some textures from Lost and Taken a couple of weeks ago on this set of images for a university subject. Enlarged they are a bit blurry but since the images themselves are large, you can scale them down and they are perfectly useable, though of course it depends on how large an image you're working on. The colours on the images are great and they are usually fairly good picks which make them useful in all kinds of works.

I really enjoyed the textures so I'd like to share them! The textures and resources at the site are royalty free and no attribution required although you can make a donation to support the website if you want to. You can see their Terms of Use here.

Usually I like to use textures in backgrounds and to add some interest where it would otherwise be flat colour. The blend modes are particularly useful in this instance and are available in all art programs I know of. :)