Reponse to @Rubenerd: PC shipments

Tsugumi from Guilty Crown

I thought I'd type up a pointless reply to Ruben's post about declining PC shipments with a few observations, though they might not necessarily be true or relevant, who knows? Well, here goes.

I've not been in the workforce much, though I have to say that it's only taken two 6-month placements for me to hate large corporations, nonetheless in some ways it was an insightful experience. I spent 6 months at IBM the latter half of 2010 and 6 months at HP in the first half of 2012. In both companies, all the employees I ever saw (including myself) used laptops and the only place I ever saw a PC, or a tower I suppose, was in HP's showroom. This was true of the staff from AusGrid (EnergyAustralia at the time) also, who I was working with in my time at IBM. Given the apparent age of the computer I was working with, I would say they'd been in use for a while.

While I think what Ruben has pointed out with people reluctant to deal with the costs and process of having to ensure compatibility, training, and so on definitely would still be true of many companies now (most likely such as that of my mother's place of employment where she was only recently upgraded to an XP PC... apparently), a shift in working culture probably also has to do with it.

Employees are working remotely more frequently, they are travelling between countries and they are not only working remotely but also from mobile devices while they are on the go. PCs sitting on our desks no longer seem to fit the requirements of the job anymore because they need to take their computer's functionality as well as data with them. Laptops probably seemed to fit this requirement since they are clearly quite portable and do pack quite a bit of power now while still giving you pretty much anything you could do with a er, tower sitting on your desk. Of course this is achievable through many means, for example my dad has suddenly switched to using a Mac at work and simply accesses anything he needs through remotely connecting to his office's network.

But it kind of seems consumers and enterprises are going in the same direction, really. As laptops get more powerful and as we do more of our work and play on the go or remotely, we value portability and don't see much difference in performance for it to matter (I am just now warming to the advantages of having a desktop computer myself... unfortunately).

But anyway, this is just one perspective and your mileage may vary... if you used miles. That's all from me, who really hasn't read anything about this subject nor knows anything on the matter. :'D

Image taken from Avvesion's Anime Blog.