Relivit Recycling

Wahroonga Station

Today was truly an interesting day. I started a new job and I went to an amazing Christmas Party. More on the Christmas Party in a new post, but I started my first part time job (I never thought I would be a part timer. This is my first job that isn't volunteer or part of a degree...) with Relivit Recycling today and it was truly an eye-opener into the world of waste management.

How amazing is science?

Relivit is truly a cause I can get behind, seeing as it diverts up to 95% of waste from products like nappies and pads that would otherwise go to landfill, and in the process halving the carbon footprint of that same waste and providing their service at a cheaper rate than going to landfill. It really seems quite simple, just by separating these items from normal trash and then trucking it over to Relivit, we can ensure less rubbish is going to our rapidly filling landfill and instead being reused.

The process used is quite interesting in how it separates organic matter from the plastics, fibres and super absorbent polymers using heated water, then again separates those products out into separate plastics and fibres so they can be used again to make recycled products. Although I don't think this is by any means new, it is still fascinating to know about. It's like how they separate the different products in oil refinery, yet completely different.

Money money money, always funny...

Although the engineering and chemistry aspects of this business are all very interesting, I am also quite intrigued about the business aspect, as Relivit are clearly a very new company that does not have an awful lot of startup capital. Yet since they have a strong business case and companies are keen to get behind green initiatives, they have been able to get many on board. Yet it is also interesting how they are willing to get the capital they need by whatever means, I'm not sure I could have thought of the methods they are using now.

It's some great insight into being an entrepreneur. I never thought I wanted to be that before though I certainly agreed to help friends out with their startups if they ever thought about it, but I've never had a grand business idea I wanted to achieve.


It's been interesting if somewhat overwhelming thus far, and more could be done to spread the Relivit brand. As a matter of disclosure, though I do work for Relivit now on a part-time basis, this post was not paid for (I'm out of hours!) and is just some facts, and my own opinions and thoughts.