Relationship Magnetism

It’s funny how opposites attract: repetitive hand-crafting tasks are my idea of hell, and she’d be bored senseless with programming, but we both recognize and appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into our respective passions.

I guess you could say this is kind of true here too with Ruben and I. Personally far from being bored senseless, I envy as much as I admire and appreciate the craftsmanship and the skill that goes into development. I would love to be able to develop but I just have no talent for it - it just doesn't mesh well. How this is not similar? I have no real ability with creative stuff either, I just do my best because I do enjoy it and people seem to like my work though I personally don't. Well, they do say we are our harshest critics - some of the time. Most artists would have made more drawing progress in the last 9 years than I have made, but most of them start off with some talent.

I have admiration for both developers and artists. May I be able to belong in one of these groups some day.

Funny now that we mentioned opposites attract though, I wonder if you could also technically use that for interracial relationships. ;)

Quote from Marco Arment. Because I'm too shy to write it above.