Regal Purple Gold

Purple Gold™

A few weeks ago, I discovered Purple Gold whilst doing a little bit of research on metals and their alloys, before I promptly forgot about it again. A form of coloured gold, purple gold has many brothers, including the more well known white golds, rose golds, and the lesser well known spangolds, green golds, grey golds, black golds and blue golds. We humans have a love of mixing things, like blueberries into muffin batter.

In any case, it is purple gold I want to look at today. Purple was considered by some in many years past to not only be such a royal colour, but at times even a mysterious colour. To have a purple metal, even in this day and age I am surprised and awed by it and what we have achieved. Perhaps that's why people are drawn to this metal, because it's exact toning seems so majestic in nature. Who doesn't want to feel regal? (Perhaps that's why some want it for their engagement rings — they say getting married is a woman's one chance to 'feel like a princess'.)

Purple gold can be rather brittle however, therefore it is usually treated in jewellery as a gem rather than a metal, thus its appearance in jewellery is rather limited and often appears beside or set in gold or platinum/silver. It also requires delicate caring for to ensure that it lasts.

One intriguing tidbit though — most of the jewellers that have Purple Gold available are all Singaporean stores. Maybe one day I'll be able to take a look for myself.