Refresh Strangeness in Google Chrome

Google Chrome and Adobe Flash

Cmd+R usually works fine in Google Chrome as a keyboard shortcut to refresh a page, but for some reason it had been working sporadically lately, so instead often I had to manually move the cursor to click the refresh icon next to the navigation bar. What's the big deal, right? It's not that much of an effort to move the cursor and refresh, but when you get used to a keyboard shortcut it becomes a bit of a habit.

I had a look online though (a very simple search, actually orz), and based on my main activity in Google Chrome (basically for watching Youtube videos since it has sandboxed Flash), it would seem that Flash IS the problem! The embedded Flash player takes the 'focus' away from the page itself in order to allow you to use keyboard commands, so naturally if you click on another part of the page it will remove this focus and allow Cmd+R to work again (unless of course Cmd+R is a shortcut to do something else in the player, I assume).

I will admit it is nice to be able to hit the spacebar to pause the video if I need to leave in the middle of it to do something, yet at the same time removing the control away from me does not rub me the right way (I look to Neilson's heuristics to explain this - thank you, class crashing!). I will be pleased when more of Youtube moves to HTML5 video, I will admit.

See the StackExchange question here.