Record of internet strangeness yesterday

GoDaddy parking page for ICFF

First of all, yesterday morning and all of yesterday (and still today) my TweetBot showed @Sebasu_tan's avatar not as the cat, Chiyo's father from Azumangadaioh, but as a bowl of noodles. Then the International Chinese Film Festival website was down because the domain expired, and I had to go to their Facebook page to find information. Finally, Ruben posted about the NIST website being taken offline.

The next is an interesting strangeness, I guess, and wasn't exactly yesterday. This was retweeted by Yaakov and the quote at the end of the article in question I quite liked.

In a statement announcing the location of the next [Internet Governance Summit], Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff said: "The United States and its allies must urgently end their spying activities once and for all."

Anyway, it sure was an interesting day/night for the internet!

Lessons from yesterday

I'm only going to address one of three incidences, but don't make Facebook your only web presence, folks. D: Then not answer it for more than 6 hours to boot especially in the middle of an event such as a Film Festival. This should be your most active time, not only to hype the event itself, but it likely would be the time that most questions are directed at you online as people seek event information.

Also, apart from making sure your website is actually up during this critical time, make sure your website is actually accurate and informative, so that people are not left stranded, not knowing when times are, what prices are, if there will even be subtitles, where to get any tickets, or even worse — people knowing the wrong information, as I inadvertently did, as the website gave the wrong date. (As for why Event Cinemas has no information up when they are screening these movies is another question.)

Unrelated, but since I'm on the topic of learning things... I've realised I don't like it much when people use 'foobar' as placeholders. Comes to show how I'm not particularly programmer-minded, perhaps.