Re: Stephen Conroy

Gillard and Conroy

From Ruben, as usual:

It's with these mixed feelings I bid farewell to Senator Conroy from his post, and wish him well in the future. I hope he's learned some things from his constituents and the IT community, and continues to be an advocate for future investment, rather than slapping on a band-aid and claiming one of your ministers invented Australian internet. Oh Abbott, you terrify me.

Oh, that's why the internet's so bad in Australia? :D

From what I've looked at anyway, seems like the government is going to censor parts of the internet whether we like it or not and without telling us anyway, but here's hoping we'll receive the NBN before I move away from Australia forever. This article gives me little hope in whoever can fill Conroy's shoes though, and little hope of getting that NBN too. To relate back to Ruben's analogy - can I get off the horse yet?

You could draw another Australian analogy here for our exquisite internet. It's like taking CityFailRail your whole life then taking the Shinkansen. Well, I still haven't been on either: fast and unlimited broadband or a fast train that isn't hideously expensive and runs on time. MTR was a nice change though.

Image from Financial Review.