[Review] Customising your Macbook: Rainbow Apple

Macbook Decal on de Macbook

A couple of months ago I was searching about the internet for decals for Macbooks of all sizes as well as iPads of all sizes, but since I was looking for an old-timey Apple logo decal for a present, a search led me through Etsy, Ebay and Amazon before I hit upon an old archive of a thread recommending iColours.ca.

iColours.ca sells both inserts, if you feel like breaking apart your monitor in order to customise your Macbook on a more permanent basis, as well as stickers, for a fast and easy transformation. The glowing apples on all Macbooks are said to be the same size, so size doesn't appear to be an issue. (I'm still curious about the apple sizes on different iPads, but I'm still not sure!)

I bought three of their rainbow stickers, not really expecting much of a chance to try them out (since they were a present, after all), but I got the chance to after all since Ruben insisted I take one as well.

The quality seemed good, the plastic is pretty thick and it doesn't feel flimsy. The nice thing is, however, that although I don't have a case for my Macbook like Ruben does, it still has held its own fine against my rough usage and the insides of my bag. It is, however, pretty easy to misalign the sticker over the apple - I would probably agree with the website that tells you to cut the leaf of the apple off in order to put it on so that none of the white light seeps through. But I don't know how that would impact the durability.

Interestingly I've had compliments about the decal, but I've become pretty accustomed to it, having had it on my Macbook for a number of weeks. Guess I don't get out enough anymore if this it the first time they've seen it!

Now the question is, should I write reviews for products I've bought for people, observed them use but never used personally...