Rails to the past (again)

Thomas the Tank Engine at Central Station

It’s half a year later that I learn why Thomas the Tank Engine was at Central station that time in August, 2013. Interestingly this article I discovered while doing an image search says the Thomas would be/was at Platform 1 on Monday, August 23, but Ruben and I saw it at the station on Tuesday, August 13.

I assume it’s for the same reason anyway — to promote National Rail Safety Week focusing on children’s safety after children fell off platforms in March and April. While I’d like to ask what parents are doing, I can’t deny that Sydney stations would be a whole lot more safe in general if they’d heard of platform screen doors… and air-conditioned underground stations (ha!).

The Thomas looks to have stayed at Redfern Railyard for a while so I assume it was its arrival after the long journey from Thirlmere that Ruben and I witnessed. I don’t recall seeing Thomas when we went to the Rail and Transport Museum though, I wonder where he is now?