[Review] Racing Miku 2011 Figure - Good Smile Company

Ruben's wallpaper

I would call this my first non-chibi figure, but I would probably be incorrect since Vadim brought back this Shimada Minami for me after his trip to Japan last year. In any case though, this 2011 Racing Miku is definitely my first scaled figure, and the first one of this size that I've ever bought... I find myself wanting to expand this figure collection ever since I obtained her. Quite addictive!

At 1/8 scale, she stands at 21cm though doesn't take up a great deal of space on my desk. However, in comparison to figures that Ruben owns, however, one does notice she does take up substantially more space than the average figure, both from her base and the hair. Her hair does extend beyond the reach of her base as well, so would probably intrude upon the space of another figure -- if I had one. Feel free to check out my wishlist, by the way, on that note! Yes, I'm shameless.

Tah dah! ... goes Miku!

I agonised a long time before picking this figure out as my first, since I loved the way her hair was sculpted, but at the same time, I really loved the classic Miku look, like so! Besides which, that link was also a Good Smile Company figure, and I just can't resist them. I knew I wanted to get a Miku if I were to pick anyone at all, but neither version of the 2012 Racing Miku make the cut - there was something about her hair billowing out behind her that did not appeal to me. In fact, the figma's hair appealed to me more, but I wasn't looking for a figma, unfortunately. In any case, the combination of the elegant pose, smooth sculpting, modest proportions and her 'mature' appearance (she appears older than the average Miku) just creates a lovely overall figure with the 2011 Racing Miku, and I'm extremely pleased with the purchase.

A downside to her I would mention though, which likely would be an issue with other Miku figures as well, is her hair which I found hard to attach to her head, as of course she comes with both bunches of teal hair separate which results in images such as this where she looks like she got a haircut. I ended up somewhat just jamming them in and deciding to never touch it again just in case, since they don't seem to fit in the way they should, but given my lack of experience with these kinds of figures before, I wouldn't know. They seem secure anyway though, despite my handling of her, but I wouldn't twist them about too much.

Hand outstretched!

Also I noticed that her umbrella had started falling out of her hand after the first few days of having her. The umbrella comes separate and is balanced under her right hand stretched backwards and a hole in the base. At first I considered perhaps her hand was stretched out in the right way anymore, but also noticed that it would stay in place perfectly fine when my lava lamp had been switched off, it would only fall when I was enjoying the wonderful bubbly effects... I figured the heat generated by the lava lamp was actually warming the PVC and softening it. Oops! Looking at it again now though, it still doesn't really fit properly until I press it deeper into her hand, I'm not really sure how it's supposed to be fitting although eventually it stays until you bump her gently.

Miku in shadows

I've loved her so far, I wouldn't be able to find much to complain about her, however I do wish I could pose her without her base too, but usually a figure requires the base to help it stay upright and this figure is not really an exception given the way her hair has been sculpted, and the fact that Miku only really balances on the one leg as the other one is merely lifted and pointed above the ground. Her hair does seem highly breakable as well though, despite the fact I haven't broken anything so far! That and the umbrella not fitting properly would probably be the only real downsides of her.

Testing shot

My previous images in this post aren't a very good reflection of the true colours of her hair, so perhaps this image just above I took as a testing show will assist you better, or you can just take a look in the MyFigureCollection entry on her. Despite the fact I love the 2011 edition, I'm really loving the look of the 2013 version and hope she comes out soon. I can't wait to see how she looks in a figure form! That being said, I also can't wait for GSC's 1/8th scale Deep Sea Miku figure or 7th Dragon 2020 figure. Both look amazing so far even unpainted!