Quick driver fix for a Samsung ML-1610 on Mac

Samsung ML-1610

Our HP LaserJet 2600n colour laser printer ran out of toner in one of the cartridges lately which rendered the entire printer unusable because it lacked magenta, which was why I was forced to turn to our old Samsung ML-1610 black and white laser printer in order to print out a document which I needed for the next day.

Unfortunately though, there weren't any official drivers from the Apple website I could use for this particular model. For ages I'd done all my printing and scanning from my old netbook just because they were installed on there and they actually worked, whereas I'd always had problems with drivers on any other Windows version but XP. Having switched over to Mac, that initially presented a new problem, but it seems there was an easier explanation than anticipated.

In any case, I did a search online and came across this thread on the Apple discussion board which suggested using Splix CUPS drivers which worked a treat even on Mountain Lion 10.8.4. Although the printer is pretty bad quality since it is also running low on toner itself, it has been given a new lease on life for now!