You might have heard about the incident regarding a ‘former terrorist’ on Q&A on Monday and its subsequent rebroadcast that has Australia practically rioting. Here’s some of one of many articles on the matter…

Mr Scott directly answered a question Mr Abbott posed to the broadcaster earlier this week - "Whose side are you on?" - by saying the ABC is "clearly on the side of Australia".

"The A in ABC is for Australian," he said. "And the part we play, what we do for the side, is a vital one, central to our culture and our democracy - that of being an independent public broadcaster."

This is funny because Australia is made up of more than you and individuals like you, Tony Abbott. I think we can agree that the delivery was an issue in this instance, but hearing the point of view of the other side is also a part of free speech which we love and hold dear (here on this blog too, despite its meagre audience). Some also questioned the ‘safety’ of having a former terrorist in the audience, but that’s exactly it - he was not committed.

Tony Abbott also described Q&A as a “lefty lynchy mob”. This is kind of amusing to me as a friend of mine this week also said “What’s with this left wing, right wing politics crap. Don’t you know you need two wings to fly?”

Thanks to this, apparently the ABC is now getting threats - who do you really think the terrorists here are? Thankfully some people have a sense of humour. That delightful top banner is courtesy of Murdoch.

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In other news… seems that the government will use up our supply of flags at this rate. Related, I assure you.