When I was published on ABC News Online

sydney storm 20140330

When I tweeted a photo of the sudden violent storm battering my suburb yesterday (where part of the awning came crashing down before my eyes), little did I expect to be contacted and asked if my photo could be used in online coverage. Of course, little did I also know that this coverage would be unrelated in regards to the suburb where I live.

In a way though, I’m pleased that this happened, as I feel like I’ve been fulfilled somehow, as if I’ve made a worthy contribution when I’ve not really done anything of that sort. People like Ruben keep tabs and find that his photos on Flickr have been used in various articles here and there, but this has never happened to me before.

I’ll admit that I do have somewhat of a thirst for fame. While some people hate and are uncomfortable with attention, I wish in some ways that I could get more of it, since I’m used to being forgotten. Yet at the same time, I’m not ambitious enough to want to famous, I just want to be memorable. I want to make a mark.

When I was younger, I was terrified of death (that escalated quickly). I didn’t understand exactly why at the time, but I thought I wanted to live forever. What could possibly be bad about that? Seeing all the brilliant advancements in the new millennia, seeing the advance of the world.

But the years wore on and now my thinking has changed somewhat, that even if I will inevitably die in the future, I want to make my mark somewhere in the world. A reminder that this person called Clara existed and her life meant something, and this is kind of like a first step.

Perhaps it’s naive, but I do believe that while people are remembered, they are never truly gone, although I’m certain so many people would disagree with me. That’s alright, I am naive because I’ve never lost anyone that close to me. Regardless, I can only hope that some day I’ll be able to make an impression on someone that will ensure that a little part of me can live on, even if it’s just in the memories of one person.