Public vs Private

Reported by the ABC:

Shorten: For people on $40-$60,000, #penaltyrates are the difference whether they can afford to send their kids to a private school. #auspol

Well, you can say ‘out of touch’ again. Is this what Labour has become?

As a lot of people are saying though, what’s wrong with public schools? I’ve had friends drop out of private schools because they got into public schools that were even better. Private schools are considered an aspiration for some, although type of schooling makes no real difference.

This is interesting though:

But there is one key factor to rule them all. "Children in families with more books at home have consistently higher test scores," he said.

Those books can prove their worth long before the child scribbles down their first word.

"One of the strongest predictors of a child's success is their level of development at preschool. What the data suggests is that because they haven't been exposed to schooling yet, whatever skills that have been developed due to nature or nurture are really influential."

See, parents? It’s more worthwhile to purchase these books rather than your ‘if you can borrow it, there’s no point in buying it’ theory!