PSA: Don't buy Rubi shoes

Boots from Rubi Shoes in North Sydney

I tend to use my shoes hard enough to need a new pair every few months, but even given that circumstance my shoes have worn out incredibly fast this time around. Only a few short weeks ago, I bought a new pair of boots from Rubi Shoes in North Sydney, as I’d intended to purchase some ever since I got back from Singapore and simply never had the opportunity to.

Within a few days, I noticed that some of the surface material was coming off from the top of the left shoe. At first I thought this was normal, perhaps as a result of my terrible walking causing the boots to clash into each other as I walked. But as I observed it and watch the patch widening, the more I thought this couldn’t quite be it.

Finally, the icing on the cake is that the sole has begun to separate from the shoe already in a most alarming manner. Most of the time the reason I need to throw shoes away are because I’ve worn down the back of the heel and it’s either dangerous to walk with, would be bad for my overall posture and feet or simply feel so imbalanced it feels weird. In this case, it’s none of these.

I’m not sure whether it truly is just bad quality of make, or whether I’m using these shoes any harder than I usually do, but for the price of $50 it just doesn’t seem worth it when my previous pair from Target for a similar price lasted for way longer than my usual few months.

My first venture into Rubi Shoes may well be my last. Talk about First Impressions.